A Small Vacation Home in China for Friends & Family

This small house is set in Shaanxi, China. It was built for a young couple who live and work in a city, but wanted a vacation home, not only for themselves, but also for their friends and relatives. The house has been designed by architects Zhang Dongguang and Liu Wenjuan.

House contains is just 861 […]

A Tiny Retreat from Australia by James Galletly

This tiny retreat on wheels was recently completed by Australian builder, James Galletly, also known as the Upcyclist. Galletly teamed up with Bower Reuse and Repair Centre to design and build a tiny getaway that’s made with 95% recycled materials. The one-bedroom structure has been dubbed “The Tiny”.

The Tiny was created by Galletly in […]

A Small House by Harunatsu-Arch in Izumo, Japan

This small, modern house is set in Izumo, Japan. The region is known for the production of rice, and is characterized by wind-break forests and expansive countryside. Designed by Harunatsu-Arch, the house takes advantage of these countryside views.

The building has been created by Harunatsu-Arch on the behalf of a couple in their thirties. […]

Small Apartment Doubles Up on Space with Moving Walls

This single-storey flat in Madrid, Spain, features library-style shelving units that can be moved to create different rooms within the home. The apartment was redesigned by local architecture company, PKMN. The project has been called “All I Own House”.

PKMN were recruited by the client, who recently inherited the apartment from their grandmother. To maximise […]

HouseAA in Nara City Features A Roof Designed For Privacy

This two-storey family house is set in a residential neighborhood of Nara City, in the Kansai region of Japan. Called HouseAA, the home has been designed by local studio, Moca Architects, who were tasked with creating a bright and airy home, while also maintaining privacy.

From the outside, the HouseAA’s most striking feature is […]

FKH House in Kobe by Shintaro Fukuhara

This small house from Japan is set in a dense residential district of Kobe. The house was designed by the architect Shintaro Fukuhara for himself and his family. Dubbed the FKH house, it features a steep mono-pitch roof that sets it apart from the other buildings in the neighborhood.

The exterior of the house […]