Mason St Peter’s Reclaimed Timber Cabin

This tiny woodland cabin was designed and built by architect Mason St. Peter, with the help of a few friends. After visiting a friend’s cabin in the Topanga Canyon in California, Mason was inspired to build his own. The retreat is constructed from reclaimed wood and materials that were left over from the construction […]

The Wedge – A Modern Rendition of the Classic Cabin

From the creative minds of students studying at California State Polytechnique University, comes this small prefabricated cabin called the Wedge. The prefab retreat is designed to serve as an update to the traditional cabin, with a minimal footprint, and an attempt to maximize on function.

The Wedge’s small size, and the fact that it […]

Japanese House Set On A Retaining Wall

This house in Hiroshima, Japan, is set on top of a 4 meter (13 feet) high retaining wall. Two design studios, Hidetaka Nakahara Architects and Yoshio Ohno Architects, collaborated together to create the dwelling. The site has a total area of 342 square meters (3,681 square feet), so the clients weren’t short on space […]

Modern Small House in Czech by Domesi

Set the in Czech Republic, this contemporary two-bedroom house has been designed by Pavel Horákin in collaboration with the architecture firm, Prodesi | Domesi. The house and adjacent summer pavilion has a combined floor area of 133 square meters.

Existing site was originally home to a cottage that was in a state of disrepair. […]

Tiny Off-Grid Cabin by Moxon Architects

This conceptual tiny off-grid cabin has been envisioned by Moxon Architects. Designed for remote, or inaccessible locations, the cabin is intended to have a small footprint on the landscape in which it’s placed. The architects are working with Wide Open, an organization for social enterprise, in a bid to create these tiny dwellings.

The […]

Rotating Shed Made From FSC Hardwood

This little studio shed has been designed and built by the London-based furniture maker Nathalie de Leval, on the behalf of fashion designer Paul Smith. Not only is the quality of the finish amazing, but the prefab shelter has been made with FSC American hardwood, and it can rotate to follow the sun’s path.

The […]