The Tiny Trek-in Cabin by Kristel Hermans Architectuur

Meet the Trek-in, a luxurious glamping retreat constructed almost entirely from recycled materials. The Trek-in is designed for a range of people, from hikers to families, acting as a pit-stop on a hike or as a relaxing getaway for the weekend. The cabin was created by MoodWorks Architecture and Kristel Hermans Architectuur.

The cabins are […]

A Studio, Cafe, Gallery and House Rolled Into One

Multifunctional design is one way to make things more efficient, and this small house in Japan manages to serve four purposes within its four walls. Called Ouef and designed by architecture firm Flat House, the building acts as home for a young couple, while also containing spaces for a cafe, gallery and art studio. […]

Tiny Houses by Matt Garcia – Llano Exit Strategy

This series of tiny houses have been designed by Matt Garcia on the behalf of four couples seeking to escape city life. Called the “Llano Exit Strategy”, the micro-housing project is situated on a plot along the Llano River. Each tiny house was built on a budget of just $40,000.

The families purchased the […]

Small House by Takeshi Hosaka Opens Up To The Outside

This modern small house in Japan has been designed by Takeshi Hosaka for a young couple and their two cats. Set in a residential district of Tokyo, the house is composed of an outer leaf which shelters the inner home, a separate volume that contains the main living spaces.

According to Hosaka, the initial […]

A Small Vacation Home in China for Friends & Family

This small house is set in Shaanxi, China. It was built for a young couple who live and work in a city, but wanted a vacation home, not only for themselves, but also for their friends and relatives. The house has been designed by architects Zhang Dongguang and Liu Wenjuan.

House contains is just 861 […]

A Tiny Retreat from Australia by James Galletly

This tiny retreat on wheels was recently completed by Australian builder, James Galletly, also known as the Upcyclist. Galletly teamed up with Bower Reuse and Repair Centre to design and build a tiny getaway that’s made with 95% recycled materials. The one-bedroom structure has been dubbed “The Tiny”.

The Tiny was created by Galletly in […]