27 02, 2015

1950’s Silo Converted into a Tiny House by Christoph Kaiser

Architect, Christoph Kaiser, has created this inventive tiny house out of a 1950’s grain silo. Set in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, the silo has been converted into a very cozy, modern home for Christoph and his wife.

The tiny house is 340 square feet in size, but it doesn’t only have a small physical footprint, its […]

26 02, 2015

An Apartment Block Attic Conversion in Tokyo by G Architects

This raw, unfinished-looking apartment can be found in Tokyo, Japan. The 40-year-old apartment was originally an attic space for the building. It recently underwent a renovation by the Japanese firm, G architects, who decided to keep some of the buildings more austere features on show to create an industrial aesthetic.

It comprises of 936 […]

25 02, 2015

Parisian Flat for a Photographer Plays with Light and Dark

Being designed for a photographer, this 19-century flat in Paris focuses on providing a bright, minimalist interior for its owner. The flat, which is located near Place de l’Opéra, has been given a new lease on life with this modern makeover by the architect, Alia Bengana.

The original property was a dark, dingy living space […]

24 02, 2015

Seattle 1920’s Garage Converted Into Cozy Tiny House

This cosy getaway was once a dilapidated auto repair garage, but thanks to the efforts of SHED Architecture & Design, it was transformed into a comfortable tiny house. Set in Seattle, the garage was originally built in the 1920’s and was in a poor state of repair after decades of use as a mechanics […]

23 02, 2015

An 18th Century Cottage Renovation by Lynch Architects

This mid-18th century cottage was refurbished by the London-based firm, Lynch Architects, in 2013. Set in Norfolk, England, the cottage is protected by a heritage listing, limiting what could and couldn’t be carried out during the restoration.

The walls of the building vary from 2, to 4 in thickness (0.6 – 1.2 meters). To protect […]

20 02, 2015

A Stilted Retreat in the Belearic Islands by Gartnerfuglen

This unusual structure is actually a “grooming retreat”. It’s been designed by the Spanish firm Gartnerfuglen, and can be found on the Belearic Islands. It was created for a young professional who moved back to her home town to take up the family agricultural business.

Completed in 2014 he retreat serves as a space […]