21 10, 2014

Fujigaoka M Apartment in Yokohama by Sinato

Tokyo architecture studio Sinato recently renovated this apartment in Yokohama to create a brighter, more functional living space for the owners. Called the Fujigaoka M apartment, the interior makes use of open plan design and partitions to close off the different rooms.

The apartment contains 64 square meters (689 square feet) of usable floor […]

20 10, 2014

The F House in Normandie by Lode Architecture

Set in Normandie, France, this small cabin has been designed by Amaud Locoste and Jerome Vincon of Lode Architecture. The cabin, called The F House, has been built on the foundation footprint of an existing barn on the one hectare site.

The barns foundation informed the new cabins foundation, keeping it relatively small (4.5-by-12 […]

17 10, 2014

Jeffry’s Lough – A Thatched Hideaway in Donegal, Ireland

This rather unusual structure is Ireland’s first architectural installation to be carried out in a forest park. The installation was launched on the 27th of July 2014 in Ards Forest Park, county Donegal. Called Jeffry’s House, the thatched structure was designed and built on site by architect Thomas O’Brien, and artist Emmily Mannion.

The […]

16 10, 2014

The Tipi – A Cost-Efficient A-Frame House in Belgium

This small house can be found near the city of Leuven, Belgium. Called “The Tipi”, the house is a simple A-frame structure that’s been rebuilt and refurbished by a young couple. The couple intend to stay in the house on a temporary basis until they can afford to move into something a little more […]

15 10, 2014

The Hedonist Hotel Is Built On A $250 Budget

This temporary sleeping unit has been designed by the Portuguese architect Nuno Pimenta. Called “The Hedonist Hotel”, the dwelling seeks to reinterpret “local dichotomy into a transformative physical volume”, and has been selected to serve as one of Hotel Shabbyshabby’s rooms for Theater der Welt.

Theater der Welt is a festival in Mannheim […]

14 10, 2014

Muji’s Small and Simple House in Tokyo

This rather simple and boxy-looking house in Japan has been designed by the retail company Muji. Set in one of Tokyo’s dense residential districts, the house is intended to cater for the needs of city dwellers. The house takes full advantage of its small site by maximizing its footprint, and proximity to the adjacent […]