The Happy Cheap House by Tommy Carlsson

Created by the Swedish architect Tommy Carlsson, this small prefab house is located not far from Stockholm. Carlsson has dubbed the house the “Happy Cheap Home”, and as the name suggests, it has been designed with the cost in mind, and how to reduce it.

Happy Cheap Home has been developed by Carlsson in […]

An Energy Efficient Small House in Spain by Nan Arquitectos

This refurbished house in Rubianes, Spain, has been designed by Pontevedra-based studio Nan Arquitectos. The 49 square meter home (527 square feet) is intended to be used by a single occupant only – a rather luxurious amount of space for one person, however, it’s easy to see how it could be adapted for a […]

House in Sarzeau Features Mobile Bedroom Pods

This small family holiday home in northern France has been designed by the Nantes-based studio, Raum. The family getaway features two mobile bedrooms that can be moved outside of the home to function as outdoor cabins.

Called the House in Sarzeau, the residence can be found on the edge of a small town in […]

Sorocaba House from São Paulo by Estudio BRA

This contemporary house in São Paulo, Brazil has been designed by Estudio BRA Architecture for a small family. The house, dubbed Sorocaba House, is two storeys tall and contains about 600 square foot (56 square meters) of living space per floor.

Built on a long narrow site, the house has an internal footprint of about […]

Small Weekend Cabin is Inspired by Fairy Tales

Set amongst the pine trees of a forest in Brandenburg, Germany, this small cottage acts as a weekend home for a family, although it could easily be occupied on a full-time basis. The site originally contained a summer house that dated back to 1926, which was unfortunately beyond repair.

The owners of the land […]

The 5.5m x 5.5m House by LVPH Architects

Simply named after the building’s dimensions, “5.5m x 5.5m” is a small house set on a piece of private property in Windig Park, Fribourg, Switzerland. The park is 30 hectares in size and contains a manor house that dates back to 1830. However, the park as a whole is currently in a state of […]