An 18th Century Cottage Renovation by Lynch Architects

This mid-18th century cottage was refurbished by the London-based firm, Lynch Architects, in 2013. Set in Norfolk, England, the cottage is protected by a heritage listing, limiting what could and couldn’t be carried out during the restoration.

The walls of the building vary from 2, to 4 in thickness (0.6 – 1.2 meters). To protect […]

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    Juniper House – A Camouflaged Small House on the Island of Gotland

Juniper House – A Camouflaged Small House on the Island of Gotland

Set in Gotland, an island off of the cost of Sweden, this small house has been designed to blend in with its surroundings. Created by the Stockholm based firm Murman Arkitekter, the build has been dubbed the Juniper House thanks to the Juniper trees surrounding it.

The house is surrounded by evergreen trees, which grow […]

Casa Caja – An Affordable Small House Built By The Owners

This concrete block house has been designed and built by its owners. The house is part of a non-profit social housing project called the Comunidad Vivex programme, which aims to provide affordable housing in Mexico. Set in Monterrey, local architecture firm S-AR initiated the project and were also on-hand throughout the build.

The house has […]

The House in The Meadow by ARBA

This small, affordable house has been designed by the Paris-based architecture studio ARBA. They were tasked with creating a minimalist house that takes advantage of the surrounding countryside views, with a relatively small budget.

The project has been dubbed “The House in The Meadow” by the architects, and can be added to the firm’s growing […]

A Small Guest House in Barcelona Gets A Modern Makeover

This small guest house in Barcelona has been renovated by the Spanish design studio Dom Architecture. The house was not allowed to be extended, leaving the architects to work within the confines of the existing building.

The house has a footprint of just 700 square feet (65 square meters). With no changes in size […]

Dublin Garage Converted Into A Quiet Little Home by TAKA

What was once originally a run-of-the-mill garage has been converted into a small, self-contained living space by the Irish architecture studio, TAKA. Set on Waterloo Lane in the bustling city of Dublin, the conversion draws heavily on the immediate surroundings to create a “little world of its own”.

Along Waterloo Lane, the houses typically contain […]