Detached – A Rooftop Cabin in Greece is a City Retreat

Architects Panos Dragonas and Varvara Christopoulou have created this city-top structure that’s designed to act as an urban retreat in the concrete jungle of today’s cities. The project has been commissioned as part of an exhibition called The Minimum Structure.

Set in Greece, the tiny structure has been dubbed “Detached”, a name that represents its […]

Kensuke Aisaka’s Modern Family Home in Todoroki

Set on a narrow plot in a densely populated suburb of Tokyo, this angular house has been designed by Kensuke Aisaka of the Japanese architecture studio AAA. The house aims to provide a series of functional spaces and has been conceived as a blank canvas, allowing the owners to add the elements that make […]

The Prefab Bioclimatic House 3.0 by NOEM

Designed by Spanish architecture studio NOEM, the Bioclimatic House 3.0 is a smart house that’s made use of technology from its inception, through to the final product. Being a smart home, it’s possible to automate and monitor a host of features, allowing it to reduce its energy usage.

Set in Castellón, Spain, the owners of […]

Light Sheds – A Light Infused Photography Studio in Japan

This small, light infused building serves as a photographer’s studio. Set in Kanagawa, Japan, the studio has been designed by FT Architects, who have titled the project, “Light Sheds”.

Measuring 15-by-24 feet (4.5-by-7.2 meters), the Light Sheds studio contains about 355 square feet (33 square meters) of usable space. According to the architects, the […]

Sinato’s Fujigaoka T Apartment Revamp in Kanagawa

This Japanese apartment, called Fujigaoka T, recently underwent a revamp by architecture studio Sinato. Set in Kanagawa, the owners of the apartment approached the architects to help them make better use of the small space available to them.

Sinato was able to incorporate a lofted space into the redesign. After studying the buildings plans […]

Vo Trong Nghia’s Latest Small House Can Be Built In 3 Hours

This latest addition to Vo Trong Nghia’s “S-House” series makes use of lightweight steel to produce a strong, flexible house for low-income families. Vo Trong Nghia is an architecture studio based in Vietnam, and their S-House project aims to address affordable housing in their own country and beyond.

This model follows two previous prototypes (a […]