HouseAA in Nara City Features A Roof Designed For Privacy

This two-storey family house is set in a residential neighborhood of Nara City, in the Kansai region of Japan. Called HouseAA, the home has been designed by local studio, Moca Architects, who were tasked with creating a bright and airy home, while also maintaining privacy.

From the outside, the HouseAA’s most striking feature is […]

FKH House in Kobe by Shintaro Fukuhara

This small house from Japan is set in a dense residential district of Kobe. The house was designed by the architect Shintaro Fukuhara for himself and his family. Dubbed the FKH house, it features a steep mono-pitch roof that sets it apart from the other buildings in the neighborhood.

The exterior of the house […]

WW2 Bunker Converted into a Holiday Home by B-ILD

This concrete bunker is a World War Two relic that has been converted into a tiny holiday home by the Belgian firm, B-ILD. Set in Fort Vuren, The Netherlands, the bunker is able to accommodate up to guests, all within a space of just 9 square meters (97 square-feet).

The austere holiday home […]

An 87-Square-Foot Apartment in Paris by Studio Kitoko

This tiny apartment in Paris recently refurbished in order to transform the space into a habitable living area. The redesign was carried out by Studio Kitoko, who have compared the apartment to a Swiss Army Knife due to its ability to hold and conceal a variety of different furnishings.

According to Studio Kitoko, the […]

Shepherd’s Hut by Güte is a Rustic Tiny House

Created by the Canadian company, Güte, this rustic shepherds hut serves as an off-grid getaway (or a full-time home for the really dedicated). Set in Maxwell, Ontario, the company is one of many who have been bringing about a revival in these tiny shelters.

Shepherd huts where once a common sight in northern England during […]

Vila Hermina Replaces the Staircase with Ramps

This bright pink building may fool you into thinking it’s a bit of a ditz, but it actually contains a number of smart design features. Called the Vila Hermina, the house can be found in the Czech Republic, and was created by HSH Architekti.

Despite its diminutive appearance, the house contains three floors which […]