Toybox Home – A Stylish Tiny House on Wheels For $48,000

This modern tiny house has been created by Frank Henderson and Paul Schultz. Located in Lake Forest, Illinois, the house has been dubbed the Toybox Home and contains just 140 square feet. The home’s interior features some clever space-saving design, as well as a few eco-friendly elements.

The first aspect of this house that […]

A Tiny House in Haringey by Satish Jassal Architects

This tiny red-brick house can be found in north London, squeezed into a small plot at the end of a street lined with Victorian terraces. Designed by local firm Satish Jassal Architects, the house has been dubbed the Haringey Brick House.

The architects were contacted by the client, who wanted to transform a site that […]

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    Slice – A Small Guest House in Norway by Saunders Architecture

Slice – A Small Guest House in Norway by Saunders Architecture

Called Slice and designed by the Norwegian studio Saunders Architecture, this tiny house serves as an extra living space to an existing property. Located in Haugesund, Norway, the house provides an extra bed and bathroom for guests, and acts as a retreat from the main residence for the owners.

Slice has a small 165 […]

A Tiny House with a Sauna – Hope Island Cottages

This beautifully crafted tiny house can be found in Washington. It’s been constructed by Kerry Alexander of Hope Island Cottages, and features some modern luxuries not often found in a tiny house.

The exterior of the house is clad both vertically and horizontally with timber siding. It also contains two shed dormers, one on either […]

A Tiny House with a Folding Roof by Chris Heininge

This tiny house is just 280-square-feet, and has been designed and built by Chris Heininge. The house is located in Aurora, Oregon, however it’s currently on sale and could find itself a new home soon. Thanks to its small size, it can be transported with ease by flatbed trailer.

The house takes some inspiration from […]

A Tiny House in Germany by Architekturbüro Scheder

Set in Hohenecken, Germany, this tiny house is just 9.8 feet wide (3 meters) and only contains two rooms over its two storeys. The house has been designed by local architecture studio, Architekturbüro Scheder.

The house is sandwiched between two adjacent properties on the edge of a forest. Building regulations stipulated that the house had […]