Humble Homes Fri, 03 Jul 2015 16:13:59 +0000 en-US hourly 1 House in Toin – A Respectful Japanese House by Kazuki Moroe Fri, 03 Jul 2015 16:11:46 +0000 Set in Mie Prefecture, this small Japanese house has been designed by Aichi-based architecture firm, Kazuki Moroe. Dubbed the House in Toin, it sits next to a Shinto shrine. The shrine informed the overall size and shape of the house as the architects didn’t want it to overpower its neighbor.

Small Japanese House - Kazuki Moroe - Mie Prefecture - Exterior - Humble Homes

House in Toin features four distinct volumes, each with a ceiling hight taller than the previous. The different ceiling heights offer the inhabitants varying perspectives from both inside the house, and looking outward to the immediate surroundings.

Small Japanese House - Kazuki Moroe - Mie Prefecture - Kitchen and Living Room - Humble Homes

Each of the four volumes is individually smaller than the shrine – an aspect which Moroe felt was key to producing a building paid respect to its neighbor. From the architect: “I thought about how a house confronts with the forest of the Shinto shrine. I divided the building into four boxes to assume a smaller scale.”

Small Japanese House - Kazuki Moroe - Mie Prefecture - Living Areas and Floors - Humble Homes

The interior is finished in a mix of white-painted drywall, and the warm tones of plywood sheeting. Large windows provide views out over the shrine and bring in plenty of natural light to help combat the amount of light being absorbed by the wood.

Small Japanese House - Kazuki Moroe - Mie Prefecture - Dining and Kitchen - Humble Homes

The first floor contains the kitchen to the rear, a wash room, dining room, living room, Japanese room, and a toilet. A staircase in the living room leads up to the master bedroom with a separate closet and terrace, and two further rooms which look to be studies. A set of ladders in each of the studies leads up to a sleeping space.

Small Japanese House - Kazuki Moroe - Mie Prefecture - Section - Humble Homes

The final level of the house is accessed by a staircase and features a single room, a small retreat from the main body of the home.

For more Japanese houses check out the Boundary House which features a cost effective steel frame structure. Or, this redesign of a traditional Japanese house by Tato Architects. See all Japanese houses.

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Photos: Yuko Tada

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Elii Architect’s Multi-Functional Room Makes Use of Timber Pull-Outs Thu, 02 Jul 2015 15:41:11 +0000 A small apartment in Madrid recently received a modest facelift thanks to Elii Architects. The renovation was aimed at creating a more functional living environment for the owner, one that would allow a single room to serve several purposes.

Susaloon - Tiny Apartment - Elii Architecture - Madrid - Folded Away - Humble Homes

The project has been dubbed “Susaloon” by the architects, referencing the concept of a black box as seen on theater stages. The area allocated to the redesign measures just 253 square feet (23.5 square meters) and makes great use of a timber panelling/shelving system to create different rooms.

Susaloon - Tiny Apartment - Elii Architecture - Madrid - Desk - Humble Homes

The walls of the room are lined with shelves, sliding panels and fold-away components. As can be seen from the photographs, one half of the room features a single coffee table and dining room table. The dining table doubles as an ironing board and, depending on its configuration, can sit between two and four people.

Susaloon - Tiny Apartment - Elii Architecture - Madrid - Dining - Humble Homes

The other half of the room contains more shelving and storage options, but also has a fold-down single bed. The corner of the room can also be partitioned off with a screen to create another, more private, living space.

Susaloon - Tiny Apartment - Elii Architecture - Madrid - Interior - Humble Homes

According to the architects, the plan was developed in with three strategies in mind: “The first was to adapt the configuration of the space to the needs of its inhabitant, where certain household items were relocated to optimize the distribution and everyday use.”

“Secondly, open up any unnecessary partitions, maximizing natural light and views of the city. Lastly, was adding the main design feature which was the addition of a series of fold-down and sliding devices.” The apartment is like a Swiss Army Knife with its inventive furniture and storage solutions helping to make the home that much more liveable.

For more apartments, check out this Bauhaus-inspired 1930’s apartment makeover in Tel-Aviv. Or, this apartment that features a blend of functionality and fun in Moscow. See all apartments.

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Raanan Stern’s Bauhaus-Inspired 800 Square Foot Apartment Wed, 01 Jul 2015 16:42:50 +0000 Set in a residential building in Tel-Aviv, this apartment recently underwent a redesign with the help of Israeli architects Studio Raanan Stern. The apartment, which was originally built in the 1930’s, contains an 807 square foot (75 square meters) floor plan.

Bauhaus Apartment Redesign - Small Apartment - Studio Raanan Stern Architect - Tel Aviv - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The interior has been loosely divided up into two main volumes, one public and one private. A large open plan kitchen, dining and living room occupies the first half of the home, while the more private areas, like the bedrooms and bathroom, can be found to the rear.

Bauhaus Apartment Redesign - Small Apartment - Studio Raanan Stern Architect - Tel Aviv - Bathroom - Humble Homes

The finish takes inspiration from Bauhaus with bright open living areas, lit by large black framed windows. The furniture pieces and fixtures are also a mix of old and new. For example, the hanging lights in the dining area were salvaged from a dismantled factory in Czech.

Bauhaus Apartment Redesign - Small Apartment - Studio Raanan Stern Architect - Tel Aviv - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The windows and doors are identical to the ones originally installed in the apartment 80 years ago, both in terms of color and style. The wall that divides the bedrooms and bathroom from the main living area was built not only to separate the space, but also to create a mini-gallery for the owner’s paintings.

Bauhaus Apartment Redesign - Small Apartment - Studio Raanan Stern Architect - Tel Aviv - Storage - Humble Homes

The apartment makes great use of custom cabinetry, which was planned by the architects based on the needs of the owner. In the bedroom the cabinets extend to the full height of the room, making the most of the vertical space. In contrast to this, the kitchen doesn’t appear to have any wall-mounted cabinets – perhaps the owner simply didn’t have a need for the extra cupboards.

Bauhaus Apartment Redesign - Small Apartment - Studio Raanan Stern Architect - Tel Aviv - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

In my opinion, the most successful room in the apartment is also the smallest – the bathroom. It’s light and airy, and features a large walk-in shower. The plants placed on the metal grill shelves also help to reduce the clinical aesthetic and introduce something organic to the room.

For more apartments check out this fun and functional home by Moscow-based architects, Ruetemple. Or, White Stone Studios, a series of modern micro-apartments in downtown Phoenix. See all apartments.

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The Pigeon Loft – A Luxurious House Made From Recycled Materials Tue, 30 Jun 2015 17:25:14 +0000 Designed by Schmidt Arquitectos Asociados, and set in the Valparaíso region of Chile, this small house is mostly made from recycled materials and components. Dubbed the “La Palomera” (Pigeon Loft), it took just 35 days to construct and contains a total of 969 square feet (square meters) spread across the interior rooms and the exterior deck.

Pigeon Loft - Schmidt Arquitectos Asociados - Chile - Exterior - Humble Homes

The materials for the Pigeon Loft were gathered from a number of previous projects the architects had worked on. After remodelling their offices in Santiago they were left with 37 windows measuring 10.5 feet (3.2 meters) high and of varying widths. 15 of the windows had frosted glass, while another 10 of them were hinged doors.

Pigeon Loft - Schmidt Arquitectos Asociados - Chile - Living Area - Humble Homes

They also held on to a kitchenette and full bathroom suite after the remodel. Upon the completion of a separate project, they acquired timber that was previously used for concrete form work. The wood was put to use in creating the structure of the house, with the salvaged glass panels forming the front and side “walls”.

Pigeon Loft - Schmidt Arquitectos Asociados - Chile - Living Area 2 - Humble Homes

The frosted glass was installed in the bathroom and entrance to provide privacy. The house is set on a small plot that’s an off-cut of a much larger piece of land, which was divided up after the introduction of a link road about 40 years ago.

Pigeon Loft - Schmidt Arquitectos Asociados - Chile - View from Windows - Humble Homes

The architects aimed to create a simple, minimalist and self-sufficient home. It’s set on the very top end of the site in order to take advantage of the amazing sea and mountain views, and features an interior that’s (mostly) free from distraction in order to emphasize the surroundings.

Pigeon Loft - Schmidt Arquitectos Asociados - Chile - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

The kitchenette and bathroom are located to the rear of the building with a relatively small amount of space allocated to them. In contrast to this, the main living area (which doubles as the bedroom) contains the most amount of space, with a dining table set in the corner, and a partition wall doubling as storage cabinets.

For more small houses check out this surfers house in Chile by PAARQ Architectos. Or, the House of Trace in London which is set within the confines of an existing home’s brickwork. See all small houses.

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Collingwood Hut – A Modern Shepherds Hut by Gute Mon, 29 Jun 2015 16:30:03 +0000 This tiny prefab hut on wheels comes from the creative minds of the Canadian company Gute. Called Collingwood, the Shepherds hut can be used as a guest house, retreat, or a home office. All of the huts by Gute are mounted on a trailer base, which will allow you to position it (and reposition it) on your site.

Collingwood Shepherd Hut - Tiny House - Gute - Canada - Exterior - Humble Homes

The rounded exterior of the Collingwood gives it a distinctively modern appearance, particularly when compared with its predecessor (which we covered in a previous post). The roof and side walls look to be clad with shingles, and the front and back walls look to be finished in a timber board and batten fashion.

Collingwood Shepherd Hut - Tiny House - Gute - Canada - Dining Area - Humble Homes

The inside of the hut contains pine boards that are used on the floor, side walls and ceiling of the unit. Oak is also used to create the doors, frames and sills. The entry door is a Dutch styled door, with the top opening separately from the bottom section, allowing it to introduce light and fresh air.

Collingwood Shepherd Hut - Tiny House - Gute - Canada - Sleeping Area - Humble Homes

The windows feature thermal pane glass, and the entire huts envelope is insulated to help it brave those cold Canadian winters. All the hardware is made of cast iron and has been selected for its hardiness and aesthetic qualities.

Collingwood Shepherd Hut - Tiny House - Gute - Canada - Bunk Beds - Humble Homes

The hut is split into three main sections: the dedicated sleeping area with bunk-beds, a living/dining area that can be converted to another sleeping space, and the middle section with storage, a fold-up desk and a gel fireplace.

Collingwood Shepherd Hut - Tiny House - Gute - Canada - Storage - Humble Homes

Gute states that the majority of the Shepherd huts won’t require building permits due to their size being less than 10 square meters (107 square feet). This also means, depending on your location, you might not have to pay extra property fees or taxes. All in all, the Collingwood measures just 7.5-by-15.5 foot (2.3-by-4.7 meters), while still packing quite a lot into such a small space.

For more tiny houses check out Polly, an ingenious camper self-build in New Zealand. Or, Toybox tiny house, a modern and colorful home on wheels for $48,000. See all tiny houses.

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Happier Camper’s HC1 is a Retro Travel Trailer with Style Fri, 26 Jun 2015 17:38:15 +0000 Called HC1 and produced byHappier Camper, this tiny reto-modern travel trailer features a modular furniture system to make the most of its limited interior. The design team behind the camper spent five years developing it, and are currently about to enter the first stages of production.

Happier Camper - Tiny Camper - California - Exterior - Humble Homes

The camper measures approximately 13-by-7 feet (3.9-by-2.1 meters) and has a floor area of around 42 square feet (3.9 square meters). It weighs 1,100 lbs – a far cry from tiny houses which are often set on trailers rated with a 10,000 lb payload – allowing it to be towed by small cars.

Happier Camper - Tiny Camper - California - Interior Living Area - Humble Homes

The shell is composed of fiberglass and is finished in a gel coating, the color of which you can specify. It features a rear hatch, side door, and three large (relative to its size) windows that provide plenty of natural light and panoramic views of whatever surrounding you happen to be in.

Happier Camper - Tiny Camper - California - Kitchenette - Humble Homes

The interior contains a furniture system that they’ve dubbed “Adaptiv” and consists of six components – a kitchenette, table, bench, cushion, floor panel and lid. The modular furniture pieces can be arranged to create a variety of living areas in minutes, from a lounge to a kitchenette, dining room, or bedroom.

Happier Camper - Tiny Camper - California - Bed - Humble Homes

The HC1 is intended for off-grid use and contains its own 100W solar panel to power its different electrical outlets. There’s also a heated shower, an awning, a Bose sound system, USB and AC sockets, and docking station for a tablet.

Happier Camper - Tiny Camper - California - On site - Humble Homes

The camper’s are to be produced in California and the basic version will cost $13,950. They also hope to expand to Europe and Asia within a year.

For more camping posts check out the Mogo Freedom, a tiny gull-wing travel trailer. Or, this Glamping site in Korea by Archiworkshop. See all camping.

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Simplement – A Small Garden Studio/Guest House in France Thu, 25 Jun 2015 17:58:10 +0000 This small garden studio has been designed for a family that wanted to escape the busy city life of Paris. Set in Auvers-sur-Oise in France, the studio provides them with a working space that’s close to the garden (something which they didn’t have in Paris).

Small Studio - Simplement - OVERCODE - Exterior - Humble Homes

The two main motivations for the move from Paris were to have a garden and more space. The studio facilitates both of these desires. The design of the building, dubbed Simplement, was carried out by local firm, OVERCODE. Simplement contains a total of 258 square feet (24 square meters).

Small Studio - Simplement - OVERCODE - Interior - Humble Homes

The building is multifunctional in that is serves both as a work space and as a guest house for family or friends. The exterior is rather simple, being clad in a mix of stone and wood, while the roof looks to be finished in seamed metal.

Small Studio - Simplement - OVERCODE - Bedroom & Bathroom - Humble Homes

On the inside the rooms are partly partition-off from one another to provide some degree of separation. However, the large openings between adjacent areas allow for plenty of light from the patio doors that line the front face of the building.

Small Studio - Simplement - OVERCODE - Bedroom - Humble Homes

Simplement features two main rooms separated by a small bathroom and kitchenette. The room on the right-hand-side of the building serves as a workspace, whereas the other is used as a bedroom. The bedroom can be closed off thanks to a large wall-hung sliding door. It also has a long narrow skylight, helping it to maintain brightness even on dull days.

Small Studio - Simplement - OVERCODE - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

From the architects: “To minimize the impact of the new construction on the site (natural regional park), we decided to conceive the atelier (studio) as a wood entity (timber frame structure). The roof follows the existing stone wall, which at the same time retreats from it in order to minimize the impact of the extension and to create a skylight at the back of the atelier.”

For more small studios check out this artists studio that’s set in a car park in Melbourne. Or, Loom, another artists studio that can be found in Aspen. See all studios.

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A Fun and Functional Apartment in Moscow by Ruetemple Wed, 24 Jun 2015 17:55:26 +0000 Designed by Russian architecture firm Ruetemple, this small apartment has been designed around the needs of a young family. Set in Moscow, the redesign focused on two main areas: the living room and the children’s room. Both spaces serve several functions, without compromising on style.

Small Apartment - Bagritsky - Ruetemple - Moscow - Living Area - Humble Homes

The apartment contains 861 square feet (80 square meters) which is roughly divided up into five spaces. The architects had to work around several constraints, such as the location of windows, existing structural walls and discharge stacks which couldn’t be moved.

Small Apartment - Bagritsky - Ruetemple - Moscow - Dining Area and Kitchen - Humble Homes

The living room is intended to act as a multifunctional space. It features some clever mobile furniture pieces (4 armchairs, 2 pouffes, and a coffee table) that can be arranged to create a room for watching a movie, playing table games, or entertaining guests.

Small Apartment - Bagritsky - Ruetemple - Moscow - Bedroom Study - Humble Homes

The kitchen is relatively small and has the least amount of space allocated to it. It’s tucked away in a corner of the apartment and forms part of the large black box that contains the bathroom. The bathroom unit is finished in slate, providing the family with a surface on which they can leave notes or recipes, or in the children’s case, drawings.

Small Apartment - Bagritsky - Ruetemple - Moscow - Play Space - Humble Homes

There’s a small dining area with a fold-down table. A much larger table is mounted on the wall and can be used when having friends or family for dinner. The living room also has a projector with a screen that’s hidden within the depth of the ceiling, and transforms the room into a home cinema.

Small Apartment - Bagritsky - Ruetemple - Moscow - Bedroom - Humble Homes

A large portion of the apartment is dedicated to the children’s rooms. One of the bedrooms features a lofted bed accessed by staircase made from storage units. Both rooms contain study desks and plenty of storage. A play unit has been used to split the rooms up, and contains a maze of stairs, a rope ladder, and a hammock.

Small Apartment - Bagritsky - Ruetemple - Moscow - Layout - Humble Homes

The parents bedroom is quite simple and understated. With limited room left, they’ve forgone a free-standing bed and instead gone for a unit with plenty of built-in storage. All in all, the apartment is a fun functional space.

For more apartments check out White Stone Studios modern micro apartments in downtown Phoenix. Or, this apartment in Paris that features a nest-like loft. See all apartments.

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