Vo Trong Nghia’s Latest Small House Can Be Built In 3 Hours

This latest addition to Vo Trong Nghia’s “S-House” series makes use of lightweight steel to produce a strong, flexible house for low-income families. Vo Trong Nghia is an architecture studio based in Vietnam, and their S-House project aims to address affordable housing in their own country and beyond.

This model follows two previous prototypes (a […]

Top 10 Tiny Houses Of 2014

As we welcome in the New Year, let’s take a look back at some of the most popular posts of 2014. Overall it’s been a pretty good year for Humble Homes. The number our followers on Facebook more than doubled, as did the number of visitors to the website. Below you’ll find some of […]

A Modern Small Farmstead in Alberta by Bioi

Created by Bioi, a design and build studio based in Calgary, this modern tiny house is set on a farm in Warburg, Alberta. The house has been built to replace the existing farmhouse which no longer met the needs of the owners. The clients approached Bioi to develop a modern farmstead on a tight […]

Heijmans ONE – An Affordable Tiny House from Amsterdam

This tiny house has been created by the Dutch construction-services company Heijmans as part of an affordable housing project. The project aims to provide young people with rental housing within bustling, high-profile cities like Amsterdam.

Called the Heijmans ONE, the tiny house serves starter home for $860 a month. It comes fully equipped and […]

INDAWO / lifePOD – A Modern Tiny House from South Africa

This tiny prefab house is called INDAWO / lifePOD, and has been designed by architects, Collaborat000. Based in South Africa, INDAWO / lifePOD takes a different route than the majority of tiny houses out there – it’s a modern building that favors practicality over charm.

The house is prefabricated and manufactured in South Africa. […]

Marco Pierazzi’s Tiny Apartment in the Heart of Rome

This amazing tiny apartment can be found in the bustling city of Rome. Set not far from Pantheon, the apartment was redesigned by architect Marco Pierazzi, and features a host of small space ideas that make it one of the most liveable tiny homes out there.

On entering the apartment you walk directly into […]