Pavillon d’été – From Shack To Modern Guest House

Pavillon d’été (translated as Summerhouse in English) is a small 16 square meter (172 square foot) guest house set in the region of Toulon, France. The building was originally a dilapidated brick shack, but under the guidance of architect, Noémie Meney, the shack was converted into a modern dwelling unit.

The architect was tasked […]

NOMAD Micro Homes First Prototype Goes On Display

It’s always great to see designs go from concept to reality, and following on from their successful KickStarter campaign, NOMAD Micro Homes have been working steadily on their first full-scale prototype.

The picture of the house still under construction with one of the walls still be to installed, shows just how much NOMAD manages to […]

viVood – A Prefab Tiny House Powered By Solar Panels

viVood is a prefabricated timber dwelling that has been designed by a group of Spanish architects and engineers. The lead designer, Daniel Mayo Pardo, wanted to create a tiny house that was both energy efficient, modular and cost effective.

The viVood unit comes with its own array of solar panels, taking advantage of Spain’s […]

The Micro Compact Home by Richard Horden

This tiny micro-home, aptly named the Micro Compact Home (m-ch), has been designed by Richard Horden of Horden Cherry Lee Architects (HCL) as a small scale housing solution that doesn’t compromising on mod-cons. As stated on the architect’s website, modern technologies have transformed our lives, enabling us to live on a much small scale […]

Tiny House On Wheels Is A Colorful Writer’s Studio

Called the Hobbit Hutch, this quaint little vardo-esque caravan has been designed and built by James Magnum as a writer/artist studio. The tiny house is only 56 square feet in size and features a variety of bright and colorful elements. When James and his wife, Sidney, aren’t using the creative getaway it doubles as […]

Bamboo Micro Houses To Cater For Hong Kong’s Population

These bamboo micro-housing units have been designed by the architecture studio, AFFECT-T. The units have been created as a possible solution to Hong Kong’s growing demand for suitable housing. Each micro-house is approximately 3 meters wide (9.8 feet), by 2.5 meters long (8.2 feet) and stands 3.7 meters high (12.1 feet).

The prototype shown in […]