A Tiny House by AnLstudio – Mondang House

This modern tiny house has been built in Jongro, a western section of the old City Centre in Seoul. The client commissioned the local architecture firm, AnLstudio, to create a functional family home that made the most of the 34 square meter (366 square foot) site.

Due to the limited site area, just 6-by-5.5 meters […]

Christian Schwienbacher’s Tiny Barn-House Conversion

This tiny, multistory house set in the village of St. Ulrich, Ortisei, Italy, was originally a small barn that had been abandoned and left in a state of ruin. Upon acquiring the site the client contacted Brixen-based architect, Christian Schwienbacher, to transform the dilapidated building into a two bedroom home.

The site had many […]

A Billboard Home for the Homeless by DesignDevelop

For this first time since the Second World War more than 50 million people were displaced by conflict and persecution. The rising number of refugees has resulted in designers striving to produce affordable relief units. This solution from DesignDevelop isn’t focused on refugees in particular, but aims to provide a more permanent form of […]

A Rustic Tiny House Made From Reclaimed Materials

Portland, Oregon is probably one of the most progressive cities with regard to the tiny house movement. Its home to Tiny House Hotel, great companies like PAD Tiny Houses, and also this eclectic tiny house that’s currently available for renting through AirBnB.

The house looks to be about 12-by-18 foot, and whilst not stated on […]

Pavillon d’été – From Shack To Modern Guest House

Pavillon d’été (translated as Summerhouse in English) is a small 16 square meter (172 square foot) guest house set in the region of Toulon, France. The building was originally a dilapidated brick shack, but under the guidance of architect, Noémie Meney, the shack was converted into a modern dwelling unit.

The architect was tasked […]

NOMAD Micro Homes First Prototype Goes On Display

It’s always great to see designs go from concept to reality, and following on from their successful KickStarter campaign, NOMAD Micro Homes have been working steadily on their first full-scale prototype.

The picture of the house still under construction with one of the walls still be to installed, shows just how much NOMAD manages to […]