The XXS Next House – A Tiny House With Lots of Uses

The XXS Next House is a tiny structure that’s been designed to cater for a variety of different functions, either as a standalone space or as an extension to an existing home. The contemporary structure is a reinterpretation of the traditional garden shed by architect Magnus Ståhl.

The XXS Next House is just 15 square […]

The Tiny Project: Alek & Anjali’s Completed Tiny House

I don’t post about tiny houses all that often. I think there are plenty of other websites dedicated to them entirely, so I tend to concentrate on the “in-between” spaces, not quite tiny houses and not your typical home either. That said, every now and then I come across a tiny house that I […]

Shaye & Tom’s Tiny House Nearly Completed (Video)

Since I last posted about Shaye and Tom from New Zealand, they’ve been super busy moving and finishing off their tiny house, which is looking amazing. Check out the videos below.


For anyone that’s had their doubts about being able to move a tiny house, particularly a large one, this should […]

A Tiny House Built by Shaye and Tom from New Zealand

Today’s post features a tiny house based on one of Humble Homes’ own tiny house plans. Shaye and Tom are a Kiwi couple embarking on the adventure of building – not just one – but several houses. So far they’ve created a small, cosy cottage made from cob, and they’re currently in the middle […]

Truck Converted to a Solar Powered House on Wheels

Joseph Tayyar, a 50 year old creative animator, has transformed a truck into a comfortable mobile house, with a large PV system mounted to its roof providing power for the interior. The initial inspiration for the project came from TV program featuring tiny houses on wheels.

Joseph decided to apply his experience of carpentry […]

NOMAD Micro Homes Go Viral

Since I last posted about NOMAD Micro Homes, they’ve created an IndieGoGo campaign, and have gone viral almost overnight. The tiny house company has been popping up frequently on UK, and US based websites, and magazines over the course of the last week.

The design of their tiny 10 foot square house is one […]