Carriage House Transformed into a Tiny House

Christi Azevedo is no stranger to working on small projects of historical significance – just last week we posted about her fantastic boiler room conversion to a tiny guest house. This week, we’re sharing her work on the restoration of a dilapidated carriage house in Oakland.

The carriage house was originally built in 1908, […]

Reclaimed Material ‘Tiny Home Dome’ Costs Only $200

Project submitted by Jeffrey: This is my tiny home dome. It was built for just $200, and comprises of reclaimed materials, milled on site lumber and mud.

The design is a geodesic dome with a 5 sided roof added on top. The dome is earthen plastered inside and lime plastered outside. It is insulated with […]

From Boiler Room To A Cosy Tiny House – Christi Azevedo

This tiny, 93-square-foot, house has been converted from a brick boiler room (first built in 1916) to a guest house. The challenge of transforming the boiler room into a home was undertaken by architect and metal worker, Christi Azevedo.

The kitchen features Ikea cabinetry that spans the length of the rear wall. Instead of adding […]

Blob – An Unusual Micro-Home Encased in Storage

Created by dmA Architecten, and appropriately named Blob, this unusual tiny space was originally designed to function as a home office. The standalone structure was conceived for a client whose local building regulations prevented the construction of a modern home extension. Hence, Blob was born.

The egg-shaped Blob combines two modern facets of design; […]

Disused Bus Makes For A Swanky Modern Home

Have you noticed the amount of bus conversions taking place recently? I’ve noticed a number of these bus-cum-homes popping up on different sites within the last month or so, and it’s about time I shared one.

Two women from Even Yehuda, Israel, converted this decommissioned bus into a stylish modern home. Tali Shaul and Hagit […]

A Tiny House by Humble Homes – Construction Update

Remember that last custom tiny house design I undertook? If not, check out the picture below for a reminder. The not-so-tiny, tiny house is 24′ long and features a living area, kitchen, bathroom, studio space, and a sleeping loft.

The clients that asked me to produce this tiny house, Jay and Jen, have started their […]