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    Tiny House Precariously Perched On A Rock Withstands Severe Flooding

Tiny House Precariously Perched On A Rock Withstands Severe Flooding

This tiny house was built in 1968 by a group of boys who wanted a spot to sunbathe, and instead of settling for the bedrock they decided to build on top of it. The result is this study little structure which, despite appearances, has withstood severe flooding of the Drina River, Serbia, for decades.

Constructed […]

Stargazing Dome-Tents in Chile

The Elqui Domos is the only astronomic hotel in the southern hemisphere. Sited amongst Chile’s Andes Mountains, it takes full advantage of its prime stargazing location with dome-shaped tents, observatories, and night-time horseback riding. The mild temperatures, clear skies and most importantly, the lack of light pollution create ideal conditions for viewing the night sky.

Elqui […]

Sustainable Swamp Huts – A Summer Retreat

This series of Swamp Huts, designed by Moshow Lin Architects, are built on a small piece of land on the outskirts of Boston. The minimal cabins/eco-design comprises of four huts, each with its own intended use – cleaning, sleeping, dining, and socializing.

The designers, Keith Moscow and Robert Linn, lamented over the initial concept for […]

Schlafen im Weinfass (Sleeping in Wine Barrels)

Schlafen im Weinfass (quite literally meaning sleeping in a wine barrel) features one of the most unusual get-away’s I’ve seen. Overlooking the verdant Black Forest, Schlafen im Weinfass has several giant wine barrels that have been converted into cosy rooms.

There are a total of five ‘squares’ on a farm in Sasbachen village, a small […]

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Glass Igloos & The Northern Lights

Do you want to see the  Northern Lights (no, not the book) but don’t fancy the frostbite? Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland just may have the perfect solution. You can experience the Aurora Borealis from one of their glass igloos. The hotel features 20 thermal glass igloos that allow you to view the Aurora from the warmth […]

The Sol Duc Cabin: A 350 Square Foot Cabin On Stilts

The Sol Duc cabin is a 350 square-foot stilted retreat designed by Olson Kundig Architects. The cabin was built for a client who fly-fishes on the Olympic Peninsula, and when the owner isn’t present it can be completely shuttered for extra security. By raising the structure off of the ground level, the retreat avoids […]