Vipp Shelter – An Industrial Small House in Denmark

This modern tiny house has been designed by the Danish design studio Vipp. Dubbed Vipp Shelter, it was the company’s first architectural project. The unit has been developed as a “plug and play” retreat, and Vipp refer to it as a “liveable industrial object”.

Vipp Shelter is 592 square feet (55 square meters) in […]

Detached – A Rooftop Cabin in Greece is a City Retreat

Architects Panos Dragonas and Varvara Christopoulou have created this city-top structure that’s designed to act as an urban retreat in the concrete jungle of today’s cities. The project has been commissioned as part of an exhibition called The Minimum Structure.

Set in Greece, the tiny structure has been dubbed “Detached”, a name that represents its […]

A Small Holiday Home Set on the Dutch Island of Vlieland

Set on the Dutch island of Vlieland, this small holiday home features a fully retractable façade that allows it to open up to the outside environment. The house has been designed by architecture studio Bloem and Lemstra Architects on the behalf of a client.

The zoning in which the holiday house is placed is […]

A Tiny Writers Retreat in Asker, Norway

This angular cabin juts out from the hillside of mostly rural Asker, Norway. The cabin has been designed by the Norwegian architecture firm, Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter, for a local writer who needed a quiet, contemplative getaway.

The cabins sharp geometric form is due to the unusual boundaries of the site, among other constraints like the […]

Charred Cabin – A Tiny Mountain Retreat in Chile

This tiny mountain hideaway, called the Charred Cabin, can be found in Santiago Chile. The cabin sits along a winding road that, prior to the automobile era, served as a link between the capital and the Coastal Range port. As such the area is home to a number of historic sites, monuments, and abandoned […]

A Modern Backyard Retreat in Sydney by Welsh + Major

This sharp concrete and steel getaway is set at the back of a garden lot of a late-Victorian house within inner-city Sydney. Designed by the Australian architecture firm Welsh + Major, the retreat is surrounded by trees and shrubbery, making you think it’s a world away from the bustling city.

The building has been dubbed […]