A Forest Retreat by Workshop/apd

This modern studio from Chappaqua, NY, was designed by Workshop/adp. The aim was to create a space that allowed the owner to connect with the natural surroundings. Located on the rear of the owners property, the studio is enveloped by forestry, and provides a “disconnect” from busy day-to-day life in the city.

The exterior […]

Finnish Island Retreat is Exposed to its Surroundings

Continuing with yesterday’s theme of retreats, this prefabricated ‘shed’ acts as a summer getaway on a Finnish island.

Created by Helsinki-based architect Ville Hara (of Avanto Architects), and designer Linda Bergroth, the getaway serves two main functions. It acts as a shed/storage space for gardening equipment and other items, and a sleeping cabin.

The shed-meets-cabin is […]

The Watershed – An Off-Grid Writer’s Retreat

Do you ever dream of having your own little (off-grid) retreat? A place where you can be isolated from all the distractions of modern life? Erin Moore designed this little retreat, called the Watershed, for her mother Kathleen Dean Moore, a nature writer.

While the retreat creates a sense of solitude, it’s also a […]

Megan Lea’s Sustainable Backyard Retreat

This tiny backyard retreat was created by sustainable building advisor Megan Lea. Being a sustainable building advisor it’s no surprise that several reclaimed elements were incorporated into it’s design.

The exterior is clad with salvaged 100-year-old barnwood from Barnwood Naturals, based in West Salem, who also composed the arrangement of timbers for the façade. The […]

The Hawk House by Alex Wyndham

Designed and built by Alex Wyndham, the Hawk House is a tiny cabin that can be found amongst the mountains of Big Sur, California.

The cabin is just seven-by-nine foot, and consists mostly of timber, from it’s structural frame to the cladding (both interior and exterior). It contains three foldable walls clad in redwood bark, […]

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    Tiny House Precariously Perched On A Rock Withstands Severe Flooding

Tiny House Precariously Perched On A Rock Withstands Severe Flooding

This tiny house was built in 1968 by a group of boys who wanted a spot to sunbathe, and instead of settling for the bedrock they decided to build on top of it. The result is this study little structure which, despite appearances, has withstood severe flooding of the Drina River, Serbia, for decades.

Constructed […]