A Modern Backyard Retreat in Sydney by Welsh + Major

This sharp concrete and steel getaway is set at the back of a garden lot of a late-Victorian house within inner-city Sydney. Designed by the Australian architecture firm Welsh + Major, the retreat is surrounded by trees and shrubbery, making you think it’s a world away from the bustling city.

The building has been dubbed […]

A Year-Round Cabin Retreat in Czech

This angular cabin was designed by the Prague-based studio, FAM Architekti. The architects were responsible for the design and overall delivery of the project on the behalf of a client. The building aims to provide the client with a quiet, secluded year-round getaway, that’s perfect for their hobby – yachting.

The site was previously home […]

Norwegian Retreat Designed for Extreme Weather

Completed in 2014, and called The Rabot Tourist Cabin, this retreat is one of many offered by the Norwegian Trekking Association. The cabin has been designed by JVA, and it’s set not far from the Okstindan glacier in Northern Norway, on a site that’s 1,200 meters (3,937 feet) above sea level.

The building itself […]

  • Seelenkiste - Tiny Retreat - Allergutendinge - Germany - Exterior - Humble Homes
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    Seelenkiste – A Flat Pack Retreat from Germany by Allergutendinge

Seelenkiste – A Flat Pack Retreat from Germany by Allergutendinge

From the creative minds of Matthias Prüger, Manuel Rauwolf and Ulrike Wetzel comes this rather ingenious tiny retreat. Called Seelenkiste, which translates as “Soul Box”, or “Spirit Shelter”, the retreat is designed to rejuvenate the occupants by providing a stress-free escape from day-to-day living.

The trio are part of a small design studio called […]

  • Long Sutton Studio - Cassion Castle Architects - Tom Lloyd - Entrance Timber Frame- Humble Homes
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    Long Sutton Studio – A Celebration Of Timber & Craftsmanship

Long Sutton Studio – A Celebration Of Timber & Craftsmanship

Called Long Sutton Studio and set on the grounds of an existing farmhouse, this modern workshop was created by Tom Lloyd and the London-based architecture studio, Cassion Castle. Set in Hampsire, England, the workshop serves as a garden retreat, studio, garage, and storeroom (although it’s easy to see how, with some modification, it could […]

Forest Retreat in Czech Republic is a Minimalist Getaway

This tiny, oddly-shaped hut has been built as a retreat for a client in Czech Republic by the design studio, Uhlik Architekti. The owner of the retreat hired Uhlik Architekti to create a modern hideaway in the countryside on his behalf. The space is intended to serve as a place of relaxation which the […]