A Small Remote Hunting Lodge that Sleeps Up to 21 People

From certain angles, this remote hunting lodge is practically indiscernible from the surrounding landscape. Called Bjellandsbu and set in near Åkrafjordan in Norway, the small lodge features local stone cladding and a grass roof that allows it to blend in against the backdrop of the mountains.

Bjellandsbu has been designed by the architecture studio […]

YOD’s Small Guest Houses Are Set Among the Pines of Poltava

These small guest houses form part of a spa-complex called Relax Park Verholy. The retreat can be found among the pine forests of the Poltava region in the Ukraine. The guest houses themselves were designed by local architecture firm YOD design lab.

Each of the houses measures 344 square feet (32 square meters) in […]

A Small Contemplative Forest Retreat by Tomek Michalski

Polish designer Tomek Michalski has created this quiet forest cabin. The contemplative cabin is set within the depths of a forest in Poland, and is the designer’s first expedition into the world of architecture.

The cabin features a sharp polygonal form, which, according to Michalski, helps to reduce its impact on the surrounding woodland. […]

A Woodland Writer’s Retreat in Brazil by Architectare

Set in Petrópolis, Brazil, this small rustic retreat has been designed as a writer’s getaway. Created by the Brazilian firm, Architectare, the building is immersed in the surrounding flora, providing a disconnect from the world beyond the woods.

The building is composed of just 334 square feet (about 31 square meters) and, according to […]

Brenner Bastu – A Small Retreat Set on the Baltic Sea

This small timber-clad structure is actually a sauna that’s been designed by the Stockholm based studio Murman Arkitekter. Called Brenner Bastu (Brenner Sauna), the retreat is set on the edge of a jetty in Saltsjöbaden, a resort found not far from Stockholm.

The unusual structure features two “wings” that are inspired by a nearby […]

The Welcome Shelter in Longbush Ecosanctuary by Sarosh Mulla

This series of small structures form part of an environmental educational space for Longbush Ecosanctuary in Gisborne, New Zealand. The project was undertaken by Sarosh Mulla Design, with the help of 88 volunteers who provided all the required materials to complete the build.

Dubbed the Welcome Shelter, the educational site has a total area of […]