viVood – A Prefab Tiny House Powered By Solar Panels

viVood is a prefabricated timber dwelling that has been designed by a group of Spanish architects and engineers. The lead designer, Daniel Mayo Pardo, wanted to create a tiny house that was both energy efficient, modular and cost effective.

The viVood unit comes with its own array of solar panels, taking advantage of Spain’s […]

House Sømme by Knut Hjeltnes – Small House for 8 People

Called House Sømme and designed by the Norwegian architecture firm, Knut Hjeltnes, this small prefabricated house in Oslo aims to make the most of the space available to it. Over the past few years Oslo has seen a number of large villa-like sites, and houses pop up. House Sømme has taken a different approach […]

The Prefab Y-Cube by Richard Rogers Tackles UK Housing

Designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners on the behalf of a YMCA, the Y-Cube is a 26 square meter (280 square feet) prefabricated tiny house that serves as a prototype for future developments. The YMCA asked the architects to create an affordable dwelling for residents that were making the transition from the non-profit […]

HARWYN Pods – A Modular Garden Space by Jason Fremder

Jason Fremder, a designer based in Melbourne, created the Harwyn pod after failing to find a suitable work studio that met his needs – peace and quiet. Fuelled by the lack options, Fremder set to work on his own personal workspace that could be used as a garden office and as a recreational space.

To […]

MINIMOD – A Prefab Off-Grid House by MAPA Architects

This tiny house, called the MINIPOD has been designed by MAPA Architects. The MINIPOD is a self-sufficient, off-grid dwelling that consists of four modules; a bedroom, bathroom, living room and dining room (which also contains the kitchen).

Each house is fabricated in a factory. Once the assembly of the house is completed, the MINIMOD is […]

House Arc – A Prefab, Modular, Off-Grid Tiny House

House Arc is an innovative prefab modular house design by Bellomo Architects. The structure can be prefabricated and flat-packed into a box that’s just 4-by-3-by-10 foot. It’s compact size and weight (3000 lbs) means it can easily be shipped to the customer’s site.

House Arc is designed for a mixture of environmental settings, including […]