Mía House Is Built With Modular Materials To Cut Costs

Called Mía House and designed by the Argentinian architecture studio, Matias Pons Estel, this house was created to act as a prototype for future developments. The house is set in a residential neighbourhood near the city of Santo Tome, Santa Fe.

With a footprint of 36 square meters (388 square feet) to work with, the […]

Bright & Colorful Beach Modules by Màrius Creus

Designed by Barcelona-based architect, Màrius Quintana Creus, these modern beach huts are modular units that can be arranged according to your needs. Simply called Beach Modules, Creus created units to serve various functions commonly found at the beach – first aid, washrooms, dressing rooms, beverage and ice cream kiosk, information booth… the list goes […]

House Arc – A Prefab, Modular, Off-Grid Tiny House

House Arc is an innovative prefab modular house design by Bellomo Architects. The structure can be prefabricated and flat-packed into a box that’s just 4-by-3-by-10 foot. It’s compact size and weight (3000 lbs) means it can easily be shipped to the customer’s site.

House Arc is designed for a mixture of environmental settings, including […]

HIVEHAUS – Modular Housing Inspired by the Beehive

This unusual looking compact home is actually a modular housing system that’s been developed by Barry Jackson. The system, called HIVEHAUS, consists of a series of hexagonal units that can arranged in a variety of way to create a home, or a “Hive”.

The HIVEHAUS form is derived from the beehive – a simple repetitive […]

Mihaus Studio: A Modular Living Space Lined with Hemp

For those of you that follow Humble Homes regularly, you’ll know that I have a thing for multi-purpose and modular spaces. I believe it’s a key element to creating sustainable architecture, and the Mihaus Studio by Sue Harper Architects just about ticks all the boxes.

The Mihaus Studio is a component structure – a living […]

Studio Liu Lubin’s Tetris-Shaped Modular Living Units

If anyone could do with smaller, smarter accommodation to meet the needs of a growing population, it’s China, and Studio Liu Lubin have gone and done just that. The plus-shaped, modular living spaces were ‘based on the minimum space people need for basic indoor movement, such as sitting, laying and standing’.

The first unit has […]