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    SW Living Spaces Container Home Places Emphasis On Function and Cost

SW Living Spaces Container Home Places Emphasis On Function and Cost

This 20-foot container home has been produced by a company based in Jacksonville, Florida, called SW Living Spaces. They’re a small company of three people, none of which have a background in design, but they do have plenty of gusto for construction.

The container has a floor plan of just 155 square feet. It features […]

The G-pod – A Transforming Container Home

This concept shipping container house has been designed by architect Dan Sparks. Called the G-pod, it features pop-up living spaces that are stored within the container while it’s on the move, or when you want to “lock it down”.

From G-pods website: “Humanity’s requirement for GREEN, or environmentally sustainable building solutions, is obvious and […]

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    Casa Cubica – Shipping Container Transformed to a Micro Home

Casa Cubica – Shipping Container Transformed to a Micro Home

Despite the awkwardness and challenges of converting shipping containers into fully functional homes, some companies (and individuals) really do succeed at transforming them into comfortable and cosy living spaces. This shipping container called Casa Cúbica is a great example – it looks great both inside and out.

Casa Cúbica acts as a tiny house […]

Tin Can Cabin – A Shipping Container Home in Wisconsin

This cosy container cabin was constructed by one ambitious man inspired by the recent boom in self-builders taking on the construction of their own homes. The cabin is located in northern Wisconsin and has been dubbed by the owner-builder, the Tin Can Cabin.

The Tin Can Cabin is composed of three shipping containers that […]

Container Home with a Green Roof by Poteet Architects

Set in San Antonio, this container home acts as a guest house to a larger residence. Designed by Poteet Architects, the container features a range of sustainable design strategies to reduce its environmental impact and energy consumption.

The house is set upon a foundation made from re-purposed telephone poles. The exterior of the container […]

COMMOD by ContainME! A Repurposed Shipping Container

This modern, clean-cut home is constructed from a repurposed shipping container, and while I’m not entirely convinced that shipping containers are suitable for use as homes, this one (at least from the outside) seems like a rather cosy pad. From ContainMe!:

“The COMMOD House by ContainMe! is a 100% recyclable modular house made from repurposed […]