A Hexagonal House on a Hillside in Czech Republic by ALT

Designed by ALT Architeckti, this small timber house can be found on a hillside in Central Bohemia, Czech Republic. The house is located in a no-build zone, however the new home was able to replace an existing 1950’s summer house.

ALT Architeckti were commissioned to build the two-bedroom, hexagonal house by a client. The […]

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    The Glass House – A Rustic Retreat In The Hills Of Wisconsin

The Glass House – A Rustic Retreat In The Hills Of Wisconsin

This rustic, glass-wall cabin in Wisconsin has been aptly named The Glass House. The retreat is just one of many offered by Candlewood, a small venture operated by husband and wife, Norbert and Susan Calnin.

Candlewood is set among the hills of Wisconsin’s Ocooch Mountains, and offers a variety of unique retreats and cozy […]

Antoine – A Tiny Rock-Shaped Cabin in the Swiss Alps

It would be easy to mistake this tiny cabin for another boulder on the mountainside. The rock-shaped cabin has been designed by the architecture studio Bureau A, and sits very discretely in the Swiss Alps. Called Antoine, the structure-cum-sculpture is inspired by a character from one of Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz’s books.

Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz was, and […]

Woody15 – A Tiny Cross-Laminated Timber Cabin

Called Woody15, this tiny cabin has been designed by Norwegian architect Marianne Borge. The cabin is set in Isdammen, Norway, and features picturesque views of a small lake and surrounding forest.

Woody15 is a 17.5 square meter structure (188 square feet). It contains a single room with some lofted storage space. If you’re looking […]

The Tiny Trek-in Cabin by Kristel Hermans Architectuur

Meet the Trek-in, a luxurious glamping retreat constructed almost entirely from recycled materials. The Trek-in is designed for a range of people, from hikers to families, acting as a pit-stop on a hike or as a relaxing getaway for the weekend. The cabin was created by MoodWorks Architecture and Kristel Hermans Architectuur.

The cabins are […]

The F House in Normandie by Lode Architecture

Set in Normandie, France, this small cabin has been designed by Amaud Locoste and Jerome Vincon of Lode Architecture. The cabin, called The F House, has been built on the foundation footprint of an existing barn on the one hectare site.

The barns foundation informed the new cabins foundation, keeping it relatively small (4.5-by-12 […]