The Methow Cabin by Eggleston Farkas Architects

This small contemporary cabin, called Methow Cabin, has been designed by Eggleston Farkas Architects. The cabin is located on a sparse meadow that’s adjacent to a network cross-country skiing trails in Washington.

The cabin was built to serve as retreat a family of cross-country skiers and mountain bikers, and needed to sleep 6-8 people […]

Environmental Cabin Provides A “Close-Up” with Nature

This beautifully crafted, minimalist cabin can be found amongst the wildness of the Wolfurt region in Austria. Called the House for the Forest Owls, the retreat has been designed by Bernd Riegger, and acts as a bridge between man and nature. The structure was commissioned by Forest Owls, an association that promotes the management […]

Contemporary Cabins Overlook des Degues Creek, France

Apolline Terrier, a Paris-based architecture studio, has created a series of contemporary cabins overlooking des Dagues Creek in France. The property contains an existing mansion that dates back to the 17th century. However, the latest addition to the site comes in the form of 6 small cabins, each of which is designed to accommodate […]

A Small Cabin in the Woods by Septembre Architecture

This “cabin in the woods” has been designed by Septembre Architecture and is found in Trossö, an island off of Sweden. The cabin contains two main living areas, a bedroom/living space and a sauna. (This isn’t the first time we’ve come across a small space with a sauna; check out Passion House, a high […]

The Mountain Cabin – A Small Alpine Holiday Home

This small, rather austere-looking building by the Austrian studio, Marte.Marte, is actually an Alpine holiday home. While the home has a relatively small building footprint, it contains a total of 930-square-feet of usable space, split over 4 floors.

Dubbed the Mountain Cabin by the architects, the building is embedded into the hillside and features picturesque […]

PODhouse’s Arched Micro-Cabins

PODhouse is a German company that specialises in building tiny arched cabins for individuals and businesses alike.

PODhouse offer three models; the Menhir, Cauma, and Plaun. The Menhir and Cauma are both 3.9 meters in length, whereas the Plaun is slightly larger at 5.9 meters. Each pod is 2.6 meters from its base to the […]