Swiss Alpine Cabin Uses Sculpted Concrete to Mimic Wood

Unlike most cabins, this one is constructed almost entirely from concrete as opposed to wood. Located in the Swiss Alps near the city Chur, the cabin boasts an usual exterior façade that has been sculpted in such a way so as to mimic the appearance of wood from a distance.

The compact retreat has […]

Japanese-Style Home Built by Brian Schulz for $11,000

This beautifully crafted small house has been built by Kayak instructor Brian Schulz. Brian based the design and overall aesthetic of his house on Japanese architecture. Typically the fine woodwork of traditional Japanese buildings costs a pretty penny. This is due to the level of craftsmanship involved, but Brian has been able to replicate […]

Small Cabin Built on the Peak of The Julian Alps

Ever need to really get away from it all? Perhaps this small cabin on the precipice of the Julian Alps is where you need to head for a little alone time.

Designed by Italian architect, Giovanni Pesamosca, the cabin is built on one of the most striking locations available, at the crest of Foronon […]

Woody35 is a Modest Norwegian Cabin by Marianne Borge

Norway is known for its large vacation homes, but this small prefab cabin, called Woody35, has turned the concept of luxury on its head. Traditionally, Norwegians built small, much more humble homes, however in later years it became standard to go with the “bigger is better” mantra.

In 2004 Oslo-based architect, Marianne Borge, was […]

The Methow Cabin by Eggleston Farkas Architects

This small contemporary cabin, called Methow Cabin, has been designed by Eggleston Farkas Architects. The cabin is located on a sparse meadow that’s adjacent to a network cross-country skiing trails in Washington.

The cabin was built to serve as retreat a family of cross-country skiers and mountain bikers, and needed to sleep 6-8 people […]

Environmental Cabin Provides A “Close-Up” with Nature

This beautifully crafted, minimalist cabin can be found amongst the wildness of the Wolfurt region in Austria. Called the House for the Forest Owls, the retreat has been designed by Bernd Riegger, and acts as a bridge between man and nature. The structure was commissioned by Forest Owls, an association that promotes the management […]