The Tipi – A Cost-Efficient A-Frame House in Belgium

This small house can be found near the city of Leuven, Belgium. Called “The Tipi”, the house is a simple A-frame structure that’s been rebuilt and refurbished by a young couple. The couple intend to stay in the house on a temporary basis until they can afford to move into something a little more […]

The Little Lost Cabin by Clark Stevens

This small 700-square foot cabin can be found on Summit Spring Ranch in Idaho. The building was designed by architect Clark Stevens on the behalf of an investment company, Beartooth Capital, which specialises in locating neglected ranch properties, and restoration of structures, waterways and lands.

Beartooth Capital often sell their properties with conservation easements, […]

K2S Architect’s Contemporary Island Cabin

This contemporary timber clad cabin was designed and built for a family from Helsinki. The cabin, which is intended to be used as a summer retreat, can be found on the Finnish island of Lepäinen. The building was designed by K2S Architects and construction was completed back in 2009.

The plot is set along the […]

Mason St Peter’s Reclaimed Timber Cabin

This tiny woodland cabin was designed and built by architect Mason St. Peter, with the help of a few friends. After visiting a friend’s cabin in the Topanga Canyon in California, Mason was inspired to build his own. The retreat is constructed from reclaimed wood and materials that were left over from the construction […]

The Wedge – A Modern Rendition of the Classic Cabin

From the creative minds of students studying at California State Polytechnique University, comes this small prefabricated cabin called the Wedge. The prefab retreat is designed to serve as an update to the traditional cabin, with a minimal footprint, and an attempt to maximize on function.

The Wedge’s small size, and the fact that it […]

A Tiny House Set On A Lake In The Netherlands

Hidden away on an island in the lake of Loosdrecht in the Netherlands, lies this tiny house. The house has been designed by 2by4-architects on the behalf of a family, and is used as a quiet recreational getaway. Completed back in 2011, it contains just 21 square meters (226 square feet) of space.

The […]