Cape Russell Retreat – An Off-Grid Micro Cabin

This contemporary micro cabin is set along the lakeside in Cape Russell, Tennessee. The aptly named getaway – Cape Russell Retreat – has been designed by local studio, Sanders Pace Architecture, and it operates independently of the water and electrical grid.

The retreat is just 176 square feet (16.3 square meters) in size and […]

Charred Cabin – A Tiny Mountain Retreat in Chile

This tiny mountain hideaway, called the Charred Cabin, can be found in Santiago Chile. The cabin sits along a winding road that, prior to the automobile era, served as a link between the capital and the Coastal Range port. As such the area is home to a number of historic sites, monuments, and abandoned […]

Yamazaki Kentaro’s House in a Garden

This simple and elegant house can be found in Sakura-shi, Japan. The house has been designed by the architecture studio Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop on the behalf of a family. Throughout the design process a lot of importance was placed on the garden space as well as the actual home, resulting in a space […]

Vietnamese S-House Costs Just $4,000

The Vietnam firm Vo Tron Nghia Architects recently revealed a prototype home as part a project aimed at providing affordable, low-maintenance housing to combat the country’s current housing crisis. The company has been attempting to address the issue for a few years now, and this latest addition to their portfolio is called S House. […]

A Minimalist House in Ghent by Dierendonck Blancke

Set in Gelukstraat, Belgium, this narrow house has been squeezed in between two adjacent buildings. The house was designed by local firm, Dierendonck Blancke Architecten, on the behalf of a client who wanted to create an affordable house in the center of Ghent.

The house has a total floor area of 89 square […]

Modern Off-Grid House in Victoria by Modscape

This modern prefab house is set in the rolling hills of Victoria, Australia and is completely off-grid. The structure is designed and built by a local company called Modscape, who have created a variety of prefabricated modular dwellings at their 50,000 square foot factory in Melbourne.

The company has incorporated a host of sustainable […]