A Sustainable Off-Grid House Set In The Navajo Reservation

This off-grid house set in the Navajo Reservation in Utah, has been designed by the non-profit organisation DesignBuildBLUFF. Completed in 2009, the house is one of many environmentally friendly homes that the organisation has built.

Every year DesignBuildBLUFF invites first-year graduates of architecture to design and build a home for a Navajo family. The buildings […]

Contemporary Japanese House is Designed for Two Generations

This modern family house in the city of Takasaki, Japan, has been designed in a collaborative effort by studios SNARK and OUVI. The house is set on a narrow lot, sandwiched between two adjacent buildings, and looks out over a cemetery.

The three-storey building has a footprint of 20-by-42 feet (6-by-13 meters), and […]

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    Guest House Combines a Chicken Coop, Tool Shed, and a Music Room

Guest House Combines a Chicken Coop, Tool Shed, and a Music Room

Architecture firm De Smet Vermeulen Architecten were recently contacted by a previous client to design this modern guest house. The client, who had the architects design their main home ten years ago, needed an additional space that would serve as a chicken coop, tool shed and a music room.

The new addition to the […]

A Small Apartment Renovation in Barcelona by Adrián Elizalde

This apartment in Barcelona was originally constructed in 1930. More recently it underwent renovation work with the aid of architect, Adrián Elizalde. The project was carried out with a limited budget, which saw them keeping some of the original features, and rooms as they were (like the location of the kitchen and bathroom).

The […]

OH! House – A Functional Family Home in Niigata

This modern Japanese house, dubbed OH! House by the architects, is located on a small site in Niigata. The house was designed by Takeru Shoji Architects on the behalf of a family, who had three simple requirements: a garden space, plenty of bookshelves, and a closed-off kitchen.

OH! House contains approximately 1,152 square feet […]

Woody15 – A Tiny Cross-Laminated Timber Cabin

Called Woody15, this tiny cabin has been designed by Norwegian architect Marianne Borge. The cabin is set in Isdammen, Norway, and features picturesque views of a small lake and surrounding forest.

Woody15 is a 17.5 square meter structure (188 square feet). It contains a single room with some lofted storage space. If you’re looking […]