Small House in Chibi, Japan by Yuji Kimura Design

Japanese architects are renowned for producing some of the most Avant-garde houses, and while this small house by Yuji Kimura Design is more conventional than some, it still boasts some great design features.

From the outside the house wouldn’t look out of place in an industrial setting with its metal cladding and boxy appearance. […]

Mía House Is Built With Modular Materials To Cut Costs

Called Mía House and designed by the Argentinian architecture studio, Matias Pons Estel, this house was created to act as a prototype for future developments. The house is set in a residential neighbourhood near the city of Santo Tome, Santa Fe.

With a footprint of 36 square meters (388 square feet) to work with, the […]

Small Studio Apartment Conversion for a Family in Spain

This small studio apartment located near Madrid, Spain, recently underwent a transformation from an unusable, claustrophobic space to a functional and funky holiday home for a family of four.

The renovation was designed and managed by the Spanish architecture firm Beriot Bernardini Arquitectos. To make the most of the space available – just 25 […]

Moose Road Residence – Affordable Modular-Based House

Designed by Mork Ulnes Architects and called The Moose Road Residence, this small house has been built on a budget and makes use of materials, typically used for structural applications, to finish the interior (mainly plywood and strand board).

The contemporary home is located in the hills of the Ukiah Valley in California, and features […]

NOMAD Micro Homes First Prototype Goes On Display

It’s always great to see designs go from concept to reality, and following on from their successful KickStarter campaign, NOMAD Micro Homes have been working steadily on their first full-scale prototype.

The picture of the house still under construction with one of the walls still be to installed, shows just how much NOMAD manages to […]

Small Cabin in the Swiss Alps is Cosy Family Retreat

Swiss architecture firm, Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes, undertook the restoration of this once dilapidated traditional cabin in 2012. With a footprint of just 16 square meters (172 square feet) it was a challenging project that aimed to make the best use of space so as to provide for a family.

Located in the Alps of Le […]