Urban Campsite – A Weird and Wonderful Temporary Retreat

From the first for June to the first of September 2015, the Centrumeiland of Ijburg in Amsterdam is hosting what they’re calling an Urban Campsite. The project is an art/sleep experience that features a variety of unusual sleeping spaces placed on a beach.

The public exhibition consists of fourteen sculptural temporary dwellings that have been […]

Happier Camper’s HC1 is a Retro Travel Trailer with Style

Called HC1 and produced byHappier Camper, this tiny reto-modern travel trailer features a modular furniture system to make the most of its limited interior. The design team behind the camper spent five years developing it, and are currently about to enter the first stages of production.

The camper measures approximately 13-by-7 feet (3.9-by-2.1 meters) and […]

Froute Pod by Giant Grass – Glamping Inspired by Nature

Nature has acted as the inspiration for this unusual glamping tent called the Froute Pod. The pod, which has been designed the Australia studio Giant Grass, is currently a prototype, however Giant Grass are hoping to move forward into production within the next few months.

Froute Pod can serve many purposes including use as […]

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    Mogo Freedom – A Tiny Gull-Wing Travel Trailer by Matjaz Korosec

Mogo Freedom – A Tiny Gull-Wing Travel Trailer by Matjaz Korosec

This mini “caravan” has been designed by Matjaz Korosec, who wanted to create a lightweight trailer for transporting outdoor gear. The idea took was finally realised in the shape of the Mogo Freedom gull-wing trailer, which not only transports your kit, but also provides a comfortable sleeping space for two.

Matjaz, alongside his start-up […]

Conqueror’s UEV440 Luxurious Camper Costs $62,700

Perhaps this trailer is the next stage in the evolution of the once humble camper. Dubbed the Urban Escape Vehicle, or UEV for short, and designed by the Australian company Conqueror, this travel trailer sets out to meet all your needs while on the road (or off-road) in one relatively small package.

The trailers full […]

The Garden Dome – Eco-Friendly Geodesic Dome Getaways

With the increasing popularity of glamping, all manner of temporary structures and dwellings are “popping up” as potential weekend getaways. This glamping site in the UK, called The Dome Garden, has decided to go with one of the more common types of retreat – the geodesic dome.

Glamping is the perfect compromise between camping […]