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    Mogo Freedom – A Tiny Gull-Wing Travel Trailer by Matjaz Korosec

Mogo Freedom – A Tiny Gull-Wing Travel Trailer by Matjaz Korosec

This mini “caravan” has been designed by Matjaz Korosec, who wanted to create a lightweight trailer for transporting outdoor gear. The idea took was finally realised in the shape of the Mogo Freedom gull-wing trailer, which not only transports your kit, but also provides a comfortable sleeping space for two.

Matjaz, alongside his start-up […]

A Split-Level Small House in Tokyo for a Young Couple

This small house in Japan has been designed for a young couple (and their dog) by the Japanese architecture studio, Shintaro Matsushita+Takashi Suzuki. The house is set in a dense residential district of Tokyo, and, like all homes placed in such areas, aims to strike a balance between public and private spaces.

The house […]

Re-Toyosaki – A Small Japanese Town House Revamp in Osaka

Set in the town of Toyosaki in Osaka, this small 355 square foot (33 square meter) town house was recently refurbished by Coil Kazuteru Matumura Architects. The house doesn’t have any known construction date, however it was previously renovated back in 1964 (the year of the Tokyo Olympics).

The house is located in a […]

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    Haffenden House – A Private Writing Studio/Library in Syracuse, NY

Haffenden House – A Private Writing Studio/Library in Syracuse, NY

This small house has been squeezed into a narrow, parking-space sized lot in Syracuse, NY. Created by the architecture studio Para Project, the multi-purpose building has been named Haffenden House. It serves as a writing studio, and has its own library.

The front facade of the house is clad in an unusual semi-transparent silicon […]

A Small Apartment Revamp in Tel Aviv by Maayan Zusman

The Israeli design studio Maayan Zusman Interior Design have managed to transform what was originally an old run-down apartment, into a modern, luxurious home. Set in Tel Aviv, the apartment is just 592 square feet in size (about 55 square meters).

The original apartment was in a dilapidated state, and contained a single bedroom […]

The Wave House – A Small Home For a Surfer and His Family

Designed by APOLLO Architects & Associates, this unusual house melds form and function. The build was completed in 2014 and is now home to a small family in Kanagawa, Japan. The house is set on a lot close to a beach where the father of the family can maintain his hobby, surfing.

The […]