A Small Holiday Home Set on the Dutch Island of Vlieland

Set on the Dutch island of Vlieland, this small holiday home features a fully retractable façade that allows it to open up to the outside environment. The house has been designed by architecture studio Bloem and Lemstra Architects on the behalf of a client.

The zoning in which the holiday house is placed is […]

INDAWO / lifePOD – A Modern Tiny House from South Africa

This tiny prefab house is called INDAWO / lifePOD, and has been designed by architects, Collaborat000. Based in South Africa, INDAWO / lifePOD takes a different route than the majority of tiny houses out there – it’s a modern building that favors practicality over charm.

The house is prefabricated and manufactured in South Africa. […]

Marco Pierazzi’s Tiny Apartment in the Heart of Rome

This amazing tiny apartment can be found in the bustling city of Rome. Set not far from Pantheon, the apartment was redesigned by architect Marco Pierazzi, and features a host of small space ideas that make it one of the most liveable tiny homes out there.

On entering the apartment you walk directly into […]

Japanese House Has Rooms Set In Wooden Boxes – TASS

The small house in Japan has been built for a couple after their previous home was destroyed in the Higashi-Nihon earthquake of 2011. Designed by architecture studio, TASS, the house features a number of individual box-like rooms with the space between them acting as a living area.

The house is set in a developing […]

Au Bon Coin Gets Transformed into Modern Social Housing

This historic building in France recently underwent renovation works to convert it into a series of small social housing units. The renovation and extension was carried out by the French architecture studio, Atelier d’architecture Ramdam.

The building is known as “Au Bon Coin” and was originally built back in early 1900. The refurbishment includes the […]

The Tiny Trek-in Cabin by Kristel Hermans Architectuur

Meet the Trek-in, a luxurious glamping retreat constructed almost entirely from recycled materials. The Trek-in is designed for a range of people, from hikers to families, acting as a pit-stop on a hike or as a relaxing getaway for the weekend. The cabin was created by MoodWorks Architecture and Kristel Hermans Architectuur.

The cabins are […]