Vila Hermina Replaces the Staircase with Ramps

This bright pink building may fool you into thinking it’s a bit of a ditz, but it actually contains a number of smart design features. Called the Vila Hermina, the house can be found in the Czech Republic, and was created by HSH Architekti.

Despite its diminutive appearance, the house contains three floors which […]

Yamate Street House from Tokyo by Unemori

This 17-meter (56 foot) tall building serves as a residential property, and as a leather goods store. Set a dense suburb of Tokyo, the house/store has been designed by Unemori Architects. The buildings height and window arrangement is somewhat misleading from the outside, making it look larger than it actually is.

Called the “Yamate […]

DublDom – A Prefab House by BIO Architects

This small cabin-like home has been designed by the Moscow-based studio BIO Architects. The cabin, called DublDom (meaning “double house”) is a modular structure that’s prefabricated offsite, in a factory not far from Moscow. Its off-the-shelf system reportedly allows you to build the home in just a day.

The DublDom is intended to be […]

Guest House in Chile Features Straw Bale Insulation

This small guest house from Navidad, Chile has been designed by the Santiago-based firm, AATA Architects. The house has been built with of natural and locally sourced materials, and is topped off with a green roof. The architect’s vernacular approach helps the structure to blend in not only with the wild landscape, but also […]

A Garden Studio in Bassum by Serge Schoemaker

This contemporary garden room has been designed by the architecture firm Serge Schoemaker on the behalf of a client set in Bussum, The Netherlands. The structure has been aptly named the “Garden Studio in Bussum”, and serves as a space for study, guest accommodation and storage.

Completed in 2014 the studio is 323 square […]

A Modern Home the Center of Tours, France

This modern house has been built in the center of the historic town of Tours, France. Created by the design studio Atelier 100architecture, the building is designed to blend in with the more traditional surroundings so as not to detract from them.

The house features three floor levels, each with a 20 square meter […]