Modern Small Apartments in Seoul by Studio GAON

Set in Seoul, South Korea, this small building features two apartments and a store on the first floor. The building was renovated by the architecture firm Studio GAON, and is called “Suo Suo-jae(守吾齋)”, which translates as “The house to uphold myself”.

Both of the apartments are approximately 50 square meters in size (538 square feet). […]

  • Miners Shelter - David Frazee - Arizona - Front - Humble Homes
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    Miner’s Shelter – A Mirco Retreat in Arizona by David Frazee

Miner’s Shelter – A Mirco Retreat in Arizona by David Frazee

Originally a miner’s residence, this tiny structure has been transformed into a micro retreat by designer David Frazee. Set in the Arizona desert, and dubbed Miner’s Shelter, the structure dates back to the 1980’s when copper was being mined, and its new look takes inspiration from work of the American architect, Frank Llyod Wright.

Back […]

  • Small House - Summer House - Leo Qvarsebo - Sweden - Window - Humble Homes
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    A Summer House in Sweden with a “Climbing Wall” by Leo Qvarsebo

A Summer House in Sweden with a “Climbing Wall” by Leo Qvarsebo

This small summer house has been described by the architect as “a bit like a treehouse for adults”. Created by Leo Qvarsebo for himself and his family, the summer house is set in Dalarna, Sweden, and features an interesting A-frame shape.

A series of large picture windows frame the views at different points throughout the […]

1950’s Silo Converted into a Tiny House by Christoph Kaiser

Architect, Christoph Kaiser, has created this inventive tiny house out of a 1950’s grain silo. Set in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, the silo has been converted into a very cozy, modern home for Christoph and his wife.

The tiny house is 340 square feet in size, but it doesn’t only have a small physical footprint, its […]

An Apartment Block Attic Conversion in Tokyo by G Architects

This raw, unfinished-looking apartment can be found in Tokyo, Japan. The 40-year-old apartment was originally an attic space for the building. It recently underwent a renovation by the Japanese firm, G architects, who decided to keep some of the buildings more austere features on show to create an industrial aesthetic.

It comprises of 936 […]

Parisian Flat for a Photographer Plays with Light and Dark

Being designed for a photographer, this 19-century flat in Paris focuses on providing a bright, minimalist interior for its owner. The flat, which is located near Place de l’Opéra, has been given a new lease on life with this modern makeover by the architect, Alia Bengana.

The original property was a dark, dingy living space […]