A Small Apartment Renovation in Paris by Richard Guilbault

Richard Guilbault redesigned this small Paris apartment for a young couple to make it more responsive to their needs, and to optimize the floor plan. The apartment contains just 323 square feet (30 square meters) of floor space.

The original apartment was originally divided up into four small dark rooms. Guilbault’s first move was to […]

Starwars House by Moon Hoon in Korea

This Star Wars inspired house comes from the mind of Moon Hoon, a Korean architect known for his unusual and fun sense of design. The house has been aptly named Star Wars House and can be found in the Gyeonggi-Do region of Korea.

Star Wars House contains a 538 square foot (50 square meters) […]

Modern Cottage Retreat Overlooks a Lake in Hungary

This modern cottage can be found overlooking a lake in Kapuvár, Hungary. It’s been designed by a local firm called Toth Project Architecture Office, who were hired by the clients to create an idyllic getaway on a small footprint.

The exterior of the cabin is clad entirely in larch, and the main hub of […]

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    The Sky House – An Off-Grid Retreat from Oroville, Washington

The Sky House – An Off-Grid Retreat from Oroville, Washington

This small off-grid cabin is set among the rolling hills of Oroville, Washington. It’s been designed by the Vancouver-based architect Jesse Garlick, who has dubbed the retreat, the Sky House.

The two-storey cabin is located several miles away from the nearest power-grid. It makes use of photovoltaic panels to supply its own electricity, and propane […]

Hibarigaoka S House Makes the Most of A Small Lot

Created by the Japanese architecture studio, Kaida Architecture Design Office, this small house is set on an awkwardly shaped lot on the outskirts of Tokyo. Called the Hibarigaoka S House, it contains a total of 926 square feet (86 square meters) spread over its three floors.

The house is surrounded on three sides by […]

Haworth Tompkin’s Studio Merges the Old with the New

This small studio can be found on the grounds of Dovecote Studio campus, an internationally renowned music campus at Snape Maltings. The new studio space has been slotted in between the ruins of what was once a two-storey brick dovecote.

The London based firm Haworth Tompkins were responsible for creating a design that would merge […]