A Small Guest House in Barcelona Gets A Modern Makeover

This small guest house in Barcelona has been renovated by the Spanish design studio Dom Architecture. The house was not allowed to be extended, leaving the architects to work within the confines of the existing building.

The house has a footprint of just 700 square feet (65 square meters). With no changes in size […]

Apartment for TK by Kurosawa Kawaraten

Redesigned by Kurosawa Kawaraten, this 40-year-old apartment has gotten a new lease on life. Dubbed the “Apartment for TK”, it has been renovated for a couple and aims to address the allocation of space, and privacy.

The apartment was given to the couple by the husband’s grandfather. It was this act that inspired the […]

A Series of Small Housing Units in Cidades, Portugal

This series of small housing units can be found in Cidades, Portugal. Designed by local architecture firm M-Arquitectos, the units are an addition to an existing house that was built in the 1950’s.

Set at on elevated site and overlooking the surrounding countryside, the three units are part of the rehabilitation of the site, […]

Dublin Garage Converted Into A Quiet Little Home by TAKA

What was once originally a run-of-the-mill garage has been converted into a small, self-contained living space by the Irish architecture studio, TAKA. Set on Waterloo Lane in the bustling city of Dublin, the conversion draws heavily on the immediate surroundings to create a “little world of its own”.

Along Waterloo Lane, the houses typically contain […]

A Contemporary, Multifunctional Japanese House by SNARK

Designed by the Japanese architecture firm, SNARK, this building serves as a residential and commercial property. Set about an hour’s drive from Takasaki city, it features a hairdressers on the first floor, and a small house on the second level.

The building’s footprint comes to just 624 square feet (58 square meters). According to the […]

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    Uhlík House – A Modern Family Home in Czech Republic by Mjölk

Uhlík House – A Modern Family Home in Czech Republic by Mjölk

Set in Pyšely, Czech Republic, this small family home has been designed by Mjölk architekti. Due to its dark exterior cladding, the house has been dubbed Uhlík, which translates as carbon. It’s home to a young family of five, and a cat and dog.

Mjölk were contacted by the clients, Katka and Honza, to […]